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Climbing mt. Trashmore

Begun as a vision by Lu Barron to bring a signature event to the Czech Village New Bohemia District, the Mt Trashmore Challenge will be a summer long challenge that will engage community members in a self-guided journey towards reaching the ultimate climbing elevation of Mt Everest. 

Based on a concept from New Zealand where they have the Mt Everest Challenge on Mt Maunganui, people are challenged over a multi-month period to climb the mountain the equivalent number of times to reach the elevation of Mt Everest. For us that would mean 140 times up to the top of Mt Trashmore. Of course there would be other milestones along the way for example One World Trade Center would be 9 times.


This could be done by foot or by bike, which is why we want you to be involved.

We are partnering with Cedar Rapids/Linn County Solid Waste Agency 

A Main Street Iowa Community

The District: Czech Village – New Bohemia Main Street  is a vibrant urban neighborhood dedicated to economic development. Building on its unique history, the District is a dynamic arts and culture venue that provides interesting, authentic and enriching experiences with a variety of shopping, dining, arts, and cultural entertainment opportunities only found here.